Delhi Police Raid Godowns and Shops, Seize Large Quantity of Counterfeit Insecticides


Delhi Police has made a substantial seizure of counterfeit insecticides and has unearthed a sinister operation that was harmful not only to the health of the people, but also for legitimate businesses.

The North District Sabzi Mandi police team led by Sub Inspector Shri Bhagwan raided 3 shops and 3 godowns earlier this week and seized counterfeit insecticides worth lakhs of rupees under section 63 CR Act103.104 Trademark act. The 3 shops seized were Hari Om Seeds and Insecticides, Gururji Seeds and Insecticides and Shivam Agro Agriculture Merchant.

The raids and seizures were made on the initiative of Netrika Consulting – country’s premier fraud investigation and anti-counterfeit operations agency, for its client FMC, which mandated it to make sure that people did not have to fall prey to counterfeit insecticides because of some unscrupulous people wanting to make quick money.

Commenting on the seizures, a spokesperson for Netrika Consulting said, “We are very happy that the police took quick and timely action and made sure that the culprits were brought to task and counterfeit products seized. We will continue to do this for our clients and also do our bit for the society.”

This post has been submitted by Ajay Khudania.

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