Niyati Sah joins Rajesh Kumar & Associates


Niyati Sah has joined Rajesh Kumar & Associates as Associate Partner. She will handle the work of the firm in Bengaluru and Ranchi. Niyati is 2008 graduate of Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur and has a work experience of over 10 years before various courts and tribunals. She has also worked as visiting professor of law, ICFAI University, Ranchi.

Niyati’s appointment will bring her vast experience and knowledge in commercial and corporate law and will bolster the firm’s practice in Bengaluru. Niyati is a seasoned litigator and known for her court-craftmanship in dispute resolution and litigation practice. Niyati has extensive experience in advising corporates, particularly startups in negotiating legal landscape.

Commenting on Niyati’s joining, Rajesh Kumar, Managing Partner of the firm said that Niyati, with her vast experience and ethical approach to law practice, will prove to be an asset of the firm in the years to come. It will strengthen the firm’s offerings in Bengaluru and Ranchi, and clients will benefit a lot with Niyati onboard.

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