Rajasthan High Court: Scrap Driving Licences of Those Who Cannot Read [Read with order]

Author: Neha Agarwal [Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan]

Rajasthan High Court on 29th May 2019 in case of Deepak Singh v. State of Rajasthan directed the State Government  to withdraw driving licences given to persons who can’t read signboards, warning signs and other signals while observing that an illiterate person is “virtually a menace for pedestrians” on the road.

Civil Writ petition was filed by the petitioner seeking driving licence for transport vehicle on the ground that he had been driving light motor vehicle from last 13 years. The Single Bench consider the submission and find that the transport department issued licence to the petitioner even though he is illiterate and not able to read and write.

The Single Bench of Justice Sanjeev Prakash is of the opinion that “Motor Vehicle Rules are required to be framed not only for the benefit of persons who seek license but  also taking into consideration the public who are using the roads. The license cannot be allowed to be issued for driving any kind of vehicle to an illiterate person as he is virtually a menace for the pedestrians as he would not be in a position to understand road signs and notices of caution written on boards for human safety on the highways as well as on the roads in the cities”

The court order that licence for light Motor Vehicle issued to the petitioner and other similar person must also be withdrawn. And directed to the State Transport Authority to issue appropriate guidelines in this regard, action should also be taken by them where licence have been issued to person who are unable to read and write.

The writ petition dismissed by the bench and directed to the Government to file a compliance report within a month.

In this regard, it may be noted that the minimum educational requirement is prescribed only for transport license, which is a pass in Class VII and Motor Vehicles Act or the Central Motor Vehicle Rules do not prescribe any minimum educational qualification for possessing driving license for light motor vehicles.

Read the order: Click Here

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