Rajesh Kumar Joins India Law offices as Senior Partner


Managing Partner of Rajesh Kumar and Associates and Ex-IRS officer, Rajesh Kumar joins “India Law offices” as Senior Partner. With his addition, it would be a significant boost to the taxation practice of India Law offices as he brings 22 plus years of his experience to the firm. An alumnus of Delhi University, he brings the diverse and impeccable knowledge of tax law along with several other branches of law in which he has mastered with his diverse practice spanning over several years.  

He is also known for writing many articles, case comments and books. His book on Goods and Services Tax is considered as a masterpiece for academic as well as professional purposes. 

The vast experience of Rajesh Kumar will help India Law offices in various domains of law including but not limited to direct and indirect taxation, transfer pricing and international taxation, corporate tax and competition law etc.

India Law offices is also the first non-European firm to join Warwick Legal Network (LWN). Warwick Legal Network (WLN) is an international group of commercial law firms supporting clients from offices in 29 countries covering Europe, India, USA, China, Brazil & Argentina. 

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