NGT: Failure of administration led to death of children in Gorakhpur

By- Legalxpo Interns

“Failure of administration for preventing environment from pollution lead to death of children” – NGT

National Green Tribunal (NGT) rapped Uttar Pradesh government for not taking adequate steps to prevent discharge of pollutants in Rapti River situated at Gorakhpur, saying that the failure of administration resulted in death of more than 500 children.The tribunal took the cognizance of the issue and said to set up monitory committee to address the situation.

The green bench headed by NGT Chairperson Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel in this situation of failure of proper care by the administrative bodies observed and said that there is no alternative but to constitute a committee to observe the current scenario on urgent basis and work on immediate plan to make it free from pollutants.

Further the green panel said that the assigned authorities have failed in performing their duties to safeguard and protect the environment. They have taken very little and insignificant steps despite its discretion in last four years. The tribunal said that we are of the view that failure of administration for preventing environment from pollution lead to death of children. The authorities continued the violation of environmental norms because no action has been taken till now from last four years. The tribunal further said that after all this situation the authorities are shifting their responsibilities from one department to another which is against the spirit of constitution.

An urgent action is needed and all the responsible authorities need to come together and take their responsibilities instead of blaming each other and take immediate steps to prevent any further damage and to repair the damages as soon as possible.

The Green bench was hearing the plea filed by resident of Gorakhpur Meena Shukla. She raised the issues in her plea that district does not have any STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) process and entire sewage is directly discharge into water bodies of Rapti river.

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